Agility Australia set for success

With less than 24 hours to go before we officially kick-start Agility Australia in Melbourne, preparations are fast under way to ensure this year is its most successful year to date.

Agility Australia is the local version of F5 Agility, which is an annual global event for F5 leaders, customers, and partners to share how its latest solutions are transforming what’s possible for today’s organisations.

The aim of the event is to showcase how F5 is bringing the power of cloud, data centres, converged systems, and as-a-service together to enable fast, efficient, and secure application delivery in today’s challenging hybrid environments. 

Most importantly, the event provides an opportunity for F5 to provide its local stakeholders with key updates and announcements, in addition to expert insights that will help partners and customers to identify the best software and hardware solutions in the market to meet their business needs.

In addition to the announcement of an update to F5’s BIG-IP® with the launch of its version 12.0, F5 will also be revealing the results of a new survey – ‘APAC State of App Delivery’.

Best of luck to the F5 executives and sales teams for an enjoyable and winning event! 

More to come from the F5-ers over the next few days!

Published Aug 17, 2015
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  • Thanks for an explanation and for F5 announce. I sent a link on this post to my friends at , they are interested in this software. I'm waiting for the fullest description of product!