F5 Distributed Cloud – Introducing Distributed Cloud Aggregator Management


In our modern app centric world, user’s demand security, convenience, and simplicity.  To accommodate this demand, the role of aggregators has risen.  An aggregator collects data from various sources, consolidates it, and then repackages it into an easily consumable form.  Whether it is booking a hotel, air fare, or even managing your finances, you have most likely used aggregator services at some point. 

In the financial industry alone, we find that roughly 50% of US consumers leverage the services of at least one financial data aggregator, and approximately 15% work with 3 or more aggregators.  Consumers willingly share their username and password with these services, who then use that data to log into the customer’s accounts and take actions on their behalf.  This satisfies the users demand for convenience and simplicity, but also presents an enticing target for malicious actors.  This is where Distributed Cloud Aggregator Management can provide the mechanisms to manage aggregator activities and protect consumer data.

F5 Distributed Cloud Aggregator Management Introduction

A quick explainer video on aggregators.  What they are, the risks they pose, and how Distributed Cloud Aggregator Management enables organizations to gain the benefits of aggregators without the risks.


Updated Apr 27, 2023
Version 2.0

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