Lightboard Lessons: WebSafe and MobileSafe

The Web, while convenient and necessary for business, can be a dangerous and scary place.  The good news is that F5 offers a security solution called WebSafe.  WebSafe protects against sophisticated fraud threats, leverages advanced encryption, detects client-less malware, and analyzes session behavior in a single solution.  MobileSafe is very much like WebSafe except it is uniquely designed and tuned for the mobile environment.  The frosting on the cake for all this goodness is that WebSafe and MobileSafe alerts come to our F5 Security Operations Center (SOC) where our team of security experts are hard at work 24x7 to analyze all your threat data and help mitigate the threats to your business.  How does WebSafe actually work?  What about MobileSafe?  Check out this edition of Lightboard Lessons to learn more!



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Published Sep 07, 2016
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  • A good video. The ability to detect a "jail broken" mobile device is a great benefit especially when BYOD users might have picked up a second hand device.