Live Developer Q&A: Cisco ACI and F5 Synthesis – Under the Hood [End of Life]

The F5 and Cisco APIC integration based on the device package and iWorkflow is End Of Life.
The latest integration is based on the Cisco AppCenter named ‘F5 ACI ServiceCenter’.
Visit for updated information on the integration.

Tuesday June 16th marked the first of a kind with representatives of both Cisco and F5 jointly participating in a Live Developer Q&A – how far we’ve come since the days of rivalry to now, working as closely aligned allies.


For those who missed it, the format of the event involved taking questions from our respective developer communities–F5 DevCentral and Cisco DevNet–and presenting them to our panelists for discussion, debate and deliberation.

I, the humble moderator, had the pleasure of being accompanied by greatness in the forms of F5 Senior Principal Software Engineer, Alain Roy, and Cisco Director of Technical Marketing, Ranga Rao. In addition to the panelists we had F5’s Chase Abbot and Cisco’s Harry Petty, both industry veterans and fast typists, tending to the live chat session to answer additional questions real-time.

A small sample of the questions answered included:

  • What is F5 Synthesis?
  • Does ACI have the capacity to support ALL F5 modules?
  • What are the recommended software releases for BIG-IP and APIC to integrate?
  • What is the recommended best practices for deployment?


…and MANY more.


There’s already a great deal of resources available on the integration and, as promised during the event, you can find those resources here:


F5 Solution Overview
Cisco Solution Overview


Alliance Pages
F5 alliance page for Cisco
Cisco alliance page for F5 Networks


Integration White Paper's
Automate Application Deployment with F5 Local Traffic Manager and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure White Paper
Cisco Nexus 9000 NXOS mode with F5 design white paper


Cisco Design Guide: F5 BIG-IP: Workload Migration from Traditional Networks to Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure


Last, but not least, the sponsors of the event, our respective developer communities:


If you did miss it, I highly recommend you take a look at the recording of the event, which can be found here


Published Jun 18, 2015
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