Signaling Optimization Tips: Part 1

Optimize to Economize

One of our customers was about to invest in upgrading their servers as they were approaching full capacity. Instead of investing in more server capacity, our suggestion was to consider signaling optimization. What does that mean? Signaling optimization means that if an operator deploys a DRA (Diameter Routing Agent) that is part of our Diameter Signaling Delivery Controller (SDC), it can select which signaling messages are worth being sent to the server and which are locally terminated.

And what makes a message worthy? I’d say that worthy messages are those that generate revenues. For example, you may find free APNs (Access Point Name) ­offered by service providers and certainly using a free APN will generate many messages that do NOT carry any revenue potential. So why fill a server with messages that don’t result in any revenue? Especially when you’ll need to increase your investment to upgrade for additional capacity?

Alternatively, our signaling offloading capability can send unworthy messages to another location in the network freeing up lots of capacity in your servers to deal with messages that will result directly in revenue. Signaling optimization with our DRA avoided the need for server upgrade and obviously, saved the operator money.

Nice, eh? There will be more signaling optimization tips coming so keep posted.

Published Mar 18, 2013
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