Why Legacy Security Systems fail - Take 2

Dropbox is cool. They identified a huge problem with information sharing, built a large scale cloud service that can be consumed from all of your devices, inc. tablets/smartphones, focussed heavily on ease of use & let the viral word-of-mouth market that comes with uber-coolness get to work. Their success comes from the simplicity. All your data available on all your devices without any management requirements/complexities. And herein lies the problem they created. All those management requirements/complexities are usually put in place as part of an organisations security strategy. Dropbox enabled data storage consumers to bypass IT Security for the sake of productivity.

Its no surprise that two thirds and senior management don't know where their data is: http://www.varonis.com/news-events/press-releases/2012/cloud-survey-results.html

So, Dropbox has made the IT Security team look evil (more than before). But they have a point. Dropbox today confirmed that they were compromised again.

The Usability vs Security debate continues. 

Published Aug 03, 2012
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