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Mar 05, 2020

Adding a GTM device to BIG IQ error



I updated the device certificate of our GTM and BIG IQ using third party certificate, and the gtm became offline status on our BIG IQ after this. When i try doing bigip_add command on BIG IQ, this is the error:


ERROR: Can't create a hard link /config/gtm/server.crt.backup to local server cert file /config/gtm/server.crt


and when I tried re-discovering it, this is the error:


Error getting resource provisioning from /mgmt/tm/sys/provision on (; check if iControl REST service is running on the BIG-IP


May i know how can i solve this? Thanks!

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    The bigip_add Script is only for LTMs you want to add into the GTM for setting up an iquery connection for exchange of metric datas. To add the GTM System into big-iq you only need to add it via the big-iq device discovery. if the gtm system was added already inside big-iq, delete it and re-add via big-iq device disovery.