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Jun 21, 2012

Adding HTML tag to display on top of every webpage

Hi All,



I would like to add HTML tag to show the user a notice; For example "A maintenance is coming up." No matter where they browse to, the message will always display on the top. Pretty much like a notice banner.



I am using 10.2.2 LTM.



Any help would be appreciated on this iRule.







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    This should help:





    As long as there's something you can replace (e.g. ) you're in business.
  • Hi Arie,



    Thanks for the response but we would not like to edit any webpages and put some comment in because that is not quite practical in our environments.


    Although all the webs that we have are almost identical, we do not want to manually put comments in a page.



    Is there any way that we don't have to rely on replacing things and just inserting HTML tag on top of page?





  • I think what Arie was suggesting is that you can use a stream profile and iRule to replace the < head > or < body > tag with that tag and your new additional HTML.



    Here's a related post:




    And a link to the STREAM::expression wiki page: