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Feb 26, 2019

BIG-IQ DCD tokumx.log files filling up

I am running BIG-IQ, trying to get it running is more accurate. Version 6.1.0 I have tokumx.log files being created on my DCD, so many that it is quickly filling up /var I am not having much luck finding anything regarding what I am seeing. Has anyone else experienced this behavior?


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  • I dont have an answer but I am experiencing the same issue. Not in production but in my lab. I do have a case open.

  • I'm having the same issues. Version 7 was released GA today, but still would like answers on why this is happening in my Lab and QA box. Not full Prod at the moment due to missing supported features - Data Groups and Traffic Policies.



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      Hmm, just looked and don't see 7 or have an email for it. I am waiting for it, hoping it is better. There is a trend here, it is also only my lab box having this issue. Do you have traffic flowing thru?