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Aug 31, 2021

BIGIP DNS health monitor

I suspect I am missing some fundamental understanding for this but what i want to accomplish is to have a wide ip that monitors two web servers and just returns only an ip of a server that is up.


I created two server objects of product generic host.

I put the ip of one webserver in the big-ip system devices and also created a resource on the page with the same ip.

Repeated the process for the other.


I created a GSLB pool and added both server objects.


I created the wide ip object and added the pool.


Resolves as expected with the webserver ips alternating, however none of the health monitors actually work (all are red)

when i look at the pool members they have the error against availibility as Offline (Enabled) - Monitor /Common/gateway_icmp from <unknown> : no reply from big3d: timed out


I suspect I am creating the server object incorrect or there is another way to do this, could anyone please advise?



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    hi F5 Community, 


    I am also facing same issue. 

    My Backendserver is listening on port 443, and Server is in DMZ zone, i created DMZ vlan on Bigip DNZ with route domain 1. 

    i created the Listner from same subnet Self Floating IP . and Backend Server is also in same zone. from F5 cli ping is working fine to backend server, 

    when i want to set health monitor with tcp 443 it is showing red and all other already available health monitor are also showing it red.