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May 19, 2016

cant access to management interface after vpn using apm established

i had configured network access vpn using APM module, i tried to split tunneling the network of my management access, but unfortunately when the vpn established i cant connect to my f5 management interface. i tried to add VS with my pool member is my f5 management ip address, where VS ip address is 1 network with my VPN user, the service is https, and the pool member is my f5 management ip address with service port is 443. and then the result is i can ping my VS but i cant connect to my VS which have the pool member is my f5 management ip address with port 443


any idea how can i access to my F5 after vpn using APM established? really appreciate your help


thank you


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  • This works great to connect to active Big-IP via APM VPN.  Thank You!
    I have an HA pair of Big-IPs.  Loopback ( IP always redirects to active Big-IP, even if I have primary & standby inside Big-IP IPs.  Is it possible to configure access to both active and standby units?

    I could create 3 sets of VIPs with it's own iRule for each, with inside VLAN IP instead of loopback address.
    1 set for HA Unit 1 inside IP
    1 set for HA Unit 2 inside IP
    1 set for shared inside IP

    Instead, is it possible to make the  iRule intelligent enough to determine requested destination IP, and send to that desination IP.

  • This is actually a well-intentioned security feature, but you can get around it with the following trick:

    1. Create a simple LTM virtual server - you can bind this to the VPN connectivity profile "VLAN" or to an internal VLAN (do NOT bind this to an external VLAN)

    2. Apply a simple client SSL profile to the VIP

    3. Apply a simple server SSL profile to the VIP

    4. Apply the following iRule to the VIP:

      when CLIENT_ACCEPTED {
          node 443

      Depending on platform version you may need to use an internal VLAN self-IP instead of

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      Hello Mate thanks i was also facing same issue. After connecting to the VPN cant connect to the SAME F5 device. 

      After creating the Virtual server with the MGMT IP of F5 and allowing All VLAN and tunnels then created Irule 

      when CLIENT_ACCEPTED { node 443}

      then created one more VIP for port 22 


      when CLIENT_ACCEPTED { node 22 }

      it's working now.