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Nov 09, 2017

Domain was fixed in Internet Security on Internet Explorer (IE)

How it possible to edit the domain in Internet Security when it's prompt as this image below

example image

I has set the F5 APM to fixed the domain name, using Variable Resource Assign

expr { "[mcget {}]\\[mcget {session.logon.last.username}]" }

I try with Chrome, Firefox so it's work well, but in IE have fixed the Domain for each PC. For my guess, I think the behavior of Chrome and Firefox will be like

Username : username

Password : password

after we input the information above the Variable Resource Assign will automatically add the domain to be the

. On the other hand, the result of IE (that browser fix domain) will be like
that will make authentication abort.

My idea is to check the browser type, if the client use IE -> the F5 APM will remove the domain that fixed from the browser. Finally, I am not sure that it's possible to do it like this way or someone can give me a better solution.

-F5 APM with Version 12.1.2 HF1 -IE Version 11 -F5 SSL VPN

Thank you very much

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  • Can you provide Access policy capture (screenshot) to understand how it works?


    Where is the variable assign in the policy? which server is sending this code? APM with 401 response or server because SSO is not working?