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Nov 05, 2022

F5 in Google Cloud on SPOT VM

Hi All,
I'm using this template to create one F5 VE in Google Cloud.

It works well, just since this is for myself, doing some labs and study, I would need to deploy the VM with the provisioning model=SPOT setting, in order to save some costs.
I tried to research, edit the yaml file or even the python file, but no luck, it always gets deployed as a Standard VM instead of SPOT.

I tried the followings:
- added provisioningModel: SPOT to the yaml file
- added 
'provisioningModel': 'SPOT' to the py file
- tried to execute the gcloud deployment command with the additional --provisioning-model=SPOT 

No luck with any of these, can you suggest how to deploy a minimalist F5 LTM VE in Google Cloud as SPOT VM? Thank you.

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