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May 18, 2015

GTM Internal and External View configuration

Hi Team,

One of our customer requirement is to configure GTM as DNS server for both external user and internal user. Few of the records are common for both internal and external user but ip address are different. eg : fqdn, is ip address for external user and is ip address for internal user.

This is first time we are doing such internal and external view configuration on GTM, so we tested this first on lab env. On over lab setup we created external view for with as SOA and resource record for ( and created internal view for with as SOA and resource record for (, we were able to create internal and external zone and resource record . But both View have both ( and ( record, also internal view SOA is overwritten with view IP).

Please help me how to configure internal and external view.

Below are screenshot taken from view and zone.

External view

Internal view

View list

Zone list

     Thanks, Sachin 

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  • Hi,


    How do you have the Views configured? Specifically what is in the "options" field in the view configuration settings?




  • Hi Sachin,


    Have you resolved this issue? I face the same problem. I had for both internal and external view. Though it was on a different view name list, everytime I add zone record for the internal zone, the same record are also added on the external, and vice versa when i add record on external zone.


    Thanks before,




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      Hi Shaggy, No, but we did workaround by using topology based gtm load balancing Thanks, Sachin
  • Hello Sachin,


    Assume for the topology based GTM LB you are using both external AND internal listereners.


    In that case, did you use static routes for all subnets using the internal interface, and set the default route to the external GW?






  • Hello Sachin,


    How did you diference internal or external views on topology?, i have the same issue on a lab version 13.0.0 HF3 and 15.0.0; same issue. Did you create a case with the F5 TAC or someone else resolver the issue in zonerunner?