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Jun 13, 2012

Health Monitor for UNIX

Hi All,




How would I go about creating a health monitor based on the contents of a file on a unix server



thank you

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  • Hi,



    Which protocol(s) are you load balancing for the Unix servers?



    The most efficient option from an LTM perspective would be to make the file available via HTTP and then use a stock HTTP monitor to check the file contents.



    Or you could create a script which accesses the file via SSH or NFS and then call that script from an external monitor. Here's a template you could start with:




  • Thanks for the link...I will take a look at it.



    I think the external script option is the way to go... below is the syntax of the script I would like to use



    ssh -password "passwordhere" user@serverip cat file.txt
  • i noticed the the F5 does not support the use of -password... i will need to use sshpass to provide the password on my script.


    has anyone install the sshpass rpm on an F5?
  • You can do this without using a password by using public/private keys. Create a SSH keypair, put the public key on the target system, then use ssh -i on the LTM.