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Feb 19, 2015

How to access to the BIG-IP with Remote - APM based feature?

I would like to access to the BIG-IP using 'Remote - APM Based' feature. When I make access profile, Only profile type; System Authentication is available?


I made access_to_bigip_ap_1 profile, LTM-APM type as follos;


But I cannot apply this profile to 'Remote - APM Based'.


I could apply the only profile; access_to_bigip_ap.



I looking for how I can access to BIG-IP with MFA, Geolocation IP Match, or Source IP Subnet Match.


Please let me know.


Thank you




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  • To be listed in the Authentication - Access Profile selection, the Access Policy must be of type "System Authentication". Creating such AP, one see the same AAA-types and the additional HTTP-auth. Not sure how well changes in the VPE of that AP are supported. This functionality is not well documented yet.


  • I would suggest opening a case and requesting an RFE for the features you would like to see added. Like amolari stated... this is a really new feature. The more people that use it and make suggestions on how they would like to use it will only make the feature better.




  • Thank you everyone.


    I will open a case. When I receive some solution, I will be back.


  • an old one, but as i tried it out after no futher information and i can say you are quite limited on what you can do.


    you login page remains the normal admin login page (not the actual APM one), so there is no option for a third field (for a token for example).


    you have a limited set of authentication options (the usual ones, no SAML or Kerberos for example) and no assignment or client / server side checks.

  • Hi, I was curious about this as well. We are in a similar situation where our organization wants AD/MFA to our bigips. LTMs dont support MFA(FRom F5 techsupport(last month)). Our LTMs were never set up with AD, so all user access is local and partition logic was based on random things because there were no standard configuratiins set for usage. Very ad-hoc. So cleanup to go AD is a nightmare. I am heading down the road of AD/MFA at the APM with a webtop that has links to the bigips. We force all users to the new portal(webtop url), they auth/MFA and can see the appropriate webtop to the bigips they are allowed to access, with the current local logins. Its the only thing i can think of because we can't turn on AD AND have local, and do a stepped cleanup. its all or nothing. Right now im battling AD Query failures in the VPE and I know basic AD auth works on the policy, but when i add AD Query, no luck. nothing in the logs is telling m much.