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Jun 23, 2012

Passive HTTP capture

We have a requirement to capture all the HTTP request and response passively without impacting live systems for analysis. I looked at Pion, tealeaf for instance but wondering if F5 provides any such solution. If not then could you recommend some other lite weight products?


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  • ExtraHop, but then again I'm quite biased :)



    No matter which way you go, you'll want to use taps or SPANs as a low-impact way to keep track of things.



  • Hi Manc,



    Extrahop would be a very capable option for this. Else, if you want more basic cloning of HTTP requests, you could use a High Speed Logging iRule or request logging profile:



    Manual Chapter: Using the Request Logging Profile




    Log Tcp And Http Request Response Info Remotely




    High Speed Logging should be a very low overhead way to syslog off the HTTP requests to a remote host.