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Aug 18, 2017

Reverse proxy from internal IP to external url.

I have a need to create a dns record internally for a web address . I then would like the dns record to point to the F5 and have the F5 redirect that address to .


Reason behind this... our branch servers are using ZScaler so when they navigate the internet ZScaler gives them a dhcp address. Our main office has a public facing static IP. Therefore I want to create a dns record for that comes back to my main building to the F5 and then have the F5 redirect the traffic out to the site () but this time the website will think it is coming from the public IP of my main building. This will allow me to create a firewall rule to allow access to this particular website strictly from my main building.


Is this possible?


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  • if i understand you correctly then yes:


    • create a pool with a node for the external IP for (or use a FQDN node)
    • create a virtual server on IP x.x.x.x with that pool
    • point your internal DNS entry for to x.x.x.x

    and that should do it


    doesn't scale well, but you could do something similar with an iRule, that even looks up the DNS entries.