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Jul 17, 2015

Snapshot capability of VE Guests on VCMP

Hi all,


I wish to investigate on the backup/restore capcacity beyond ucs backup. With VEs running on VMWare we can take adavantage of VMWare's snapshot capability to have images of the VE before we operate on it. Are there similar capabilities available on my 5250V/VCMP?


Cheers, Gabe


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  • Gabe,


    Can you explain more in depth on what your actual goal is? You're looking for a fast way to revert to a certain version of a configuration, or looking for the fastest way to restore a failed VE?


  • Hey Greg,


    you got me to re-think my question again - but yeah I'm looking for a fastest way to restore a failed VE.


    I came across a scenario where an operational VE failing to load the config after a reboot. It took us a lot of time with F5 support to figure out the part of config causing failure related to static arp entries (keep reloading, hit the next error, remove the failed object then reload again). And yes the errors aren't picked up by tmsh sys load verify x(


    To counter this scenario in a production environment, I was thinking of snapshots. But since the snapshot has to be booted, I'll encounter the same challenge anyway.


    Can't win I guess..


    Cheers, Gabe