Enhance Performance and Increase Scalability with F5 BIG-IP on HPE GreenLake

In modern networking and application delivery, where the seamless and secure transmission of data is paramount, the F5 BIG-IP platform stands as a cornerstone. F5 BIG-IP represents an advanced and comprehensive solution designed to optimize applications' performance, security, and availability across complex and dynamic network environments. F5 BIG-IP, widely recognized for its versatility and robustness, is pivotal in ensuring that critical digital services remain accessible and responsive, even amidst surges in user demand and evolving cyber threats.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has with GreenLake, introduced an as-a-service model that redefines the way organizations scale, deploy, and manage their computing resources. By seamlessly melding the advantages of cloud computing with the control and security of on-premises solutions, HPE GreenLake offers a transformative approach that empowers enterprises to optimize their operations, reduce complexity, and align their technology investments with dynamic business requirements.

Deploying BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE) on the HPE GreenLake Private Cloud Enterprise offers a host of advantages that collectively enhance application delivery, security, and overall operational efficiency.

Here are some key benefits of this strategic combination:

Scalability and Flexibility: HPE GreenLake's cloud-like model allows you to scale resources up or down as needed, enabling dynamic adjustments to accommodate changing traffic loads. When combined with BIG-IP VE's load balancing and traffic management capabilities, this synergy ensures consistent application performance during spikes in demand.

Cost Efficiency: The pay-as-you-go model of HPE GreenLake ensures that you only pay for the resources you consume. This aligns with BIG-IP VE's efficient use of resources and allows you to optimize costs while maintaining top-notch application delivery and security.

Simplified Deployment: HPE GreenLake's managed services approach simplifies the deployment of complex technologies like BIG-IP VE. The burden of provisioning, configuration, and ongoing management is alleviated, allowing your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Security Enhancement: BIG-IP VE brings robust security features to the table, including SSL offloading, application firewall, and DDoS protection. By deploying BIG-IP VE on the HPE 

GreenLake Private Cloud Enterprise, you leverage HPE's security expertise and advanced threat detection to create a multi-layered security architecture.

Performance Optimization: HPE GreenLake's dedicated resources and guaranteed SLAs ensure consistent and high-performance infrastructure. When combined with BIG-IP VE's traffic optimization capabilities, your applications experience faster response times and improved user experiences.

Business Continuity: HPE GreenLake's disaster recovery capabilities complement BIG-IP VE's high availability features. This synergy ensures that your applications remain available and responsive even in the face of unforeseen disruptions.

Resource Management: HPE GreenLake's centralized resource management interface provides granular insights into resource utilization. This visibility allows you to fine-tune BIG-IP VE configurations and resource allocation for optimal performance.

Today we will explore how we can deploy BIG-IP VE in HPE GreenLake Private Cloud Enterprise.GreenLake provides a unified management plane for overseeing your private cloud infrastructure, encompassing diverse components such as Bare Metal, Containers, and Virtual Machines. In the following illustration, we will delve into the deployment process of BIG-IP VE as a Virtual Machine within this comprehensive framework.


  • Login into the HPE GreenLake Central and click on Private Cloud Enterprise / Virtual Machines (Select your Tenant)


  • Click on Launch Service Console on the top right


  • Click on Provisioning/instances.


  • Select VMware and hit Next as shown below.


  • Provide details like GROUP, select HPE GreenLake VMaaS Cloud, give instance name, provide the environment, and provide a suitable label.


  • Provide more details like Plan, select Networks for Management, Internal and external, and finally select the BIG-IP OVA, which is available from the drop-down, and then hit next.


  • Provide workflow information if you have workflow already defined else hit Next and proceed.


  • Finally, review the instance options and hit Complete.


  • This should spin up a new BIG-IP VE on GreenLake private enterprise Cloud.


  • You can log in to the BIG-IP console by selecting Open Console from the drop-down as shown below.


You can log in to BIG-IP using the console and update the password if required.

You can watch the demo here at 


HPE GreenLake's distinctive strength lies in its ability to harmonize the management of diverse private cloud components. This unified management plane unites different elements such as Bare Metal, Containers, and Virtual Machines under a singular umbrella, streamlining operational oversight and enhancing efficiency. Within this comprehensive ecosystem, the deployment of BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE) as a Virtual Machine stands as a testament to the flexibility and adaptability that GreenLake brings to the table. The successful integration of BIG-IP VE displays how GreenLake's versatile management framework accommodates various technologies seamlessly, emphasizing the platform's capacity to cater to diverse infrastructure needs while maintaining a cohesive management experience. As organizations seek cohesive, streamlined management approaches, HPE GreenLake's unified control plane emerges as a pivotal solution, ensuring optimized operations across the spectrum of private cloud components.















Published Aug 28, 2023
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