F5 DevCentral Asks, ‘How Can We Help in 2017?’

Back in 2003, DevCentral was one of the early/first corporate social media sites dedicated to serving, sharing, supporting and engaging our user community. Some 14 years later, we have MVPs, Featured Members and You all contributing to a lively, engaged community. We have some cool stuff planned for 2017 and we recently asked a few of our Featured Members what they’d like help with in 2017. They share their time, knowledge & tips with the community and we thought, what can we (the collective DevCentral ‘we’) offer back.

The question was: What do you think will be some of your biggest IT challenges in the coming year and how can the DevCentral community help you achieve your goals in 2017?

Here’s what they said:

Yann Desmarest (Innovation Center Manager, e-Xpert Solutions SA): My biggest IT challenges for the coming year will be API security, Oauth and OpenID Connect integration, Data Loss Prevention and CASB (Cloud Access Security Brokers). Through DevCentral, I hope to get resources, code and articles that guide me in the right direction to solve those challenges. I would love to get more dissections of known attacks (DDoS, ransomware, etc.) by security researchers. Some BIG-IP ASM and APM hands-on virtual labs on tricky features along with some tutorials to integrate F5 products with Microsoft Office suite. One request is chat capabilities with DevCentral members to ask questions or interact for sharing feedback.

Koman Vijay Emarose (Network Architect, Rackspace): My team would like an article series from F5 Engineers sharing interesting support cases & solutions on how they resolved it. We’d also like some information around F5’s place within the world of network virtualization and public cloud. Some guidance on F5 supported and recommended automation platform (Ansible, Python, TCL, etc.) examples around usage would be great. Some of the automation works great for certain code versions yet not so much for other versions. F5’s stance on a specific automation tool would be helpful for us to devote our time and resource to master the automation tool. Lastly, some articles on new technologies including but not limited to, Network Virtualization, 5G, IoT and public cloud integration.

Joel Newton (Senior DevOps System Engineer, SpringCM): We'd like to start thinking about architecting a solution that utilizes Windows containers, so I’d like to understand how best to configure and utilize our BIG-IP LTM devices in a container-based architecture. Maybe publish some research and/or examples from the F5 lab of what F5 folks have done with Windows containers would be cool.

I know the DevCentral team has some ideas and if you’d like to engage with Joel, Vijay or Yann, please reach out to them…or post a comment here.

Finally, we’re conducting a site survey on DevCentral and would appreciate your feedback. If you get a pop-up that looks like:

Please give your feedback on 8 simple questions. Should easily take less than 5 minutes and helps us, help you.


The DevCentral Team

Published Dec 13, 2016
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