F5 Editor Eclipse Plugin v2

We are pleased to announce availability of our updated F5 Programmability Editor for Eclipse IDE v2.

The F5 Programmability Development Environment for Eclipse allows you to use the Eclipse IDE to manage iRules, iRules LX, iControl LX, and iApps LX development. By using Eclipse, you can connect to one or more BIG-IP ® devices to view, modify or create iRules, iRules LX workspaces, iControl LX, or iApps LX applications. The editor functionality includes TCL/iRules and JavaScript language syntax highlighting, code completion, and hover documentation for the iRules API. Editor functionality includes syntax support for TCL/iRules, JavaScript, and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format, including syntax highlighting and code completion, as well as API documentation.

With this release, F5 Programmability Development Environment for Eclipse includes iControl LX and iApps LX development. The LX development environment supports opening an LX application, adding files or deleting files, and downloading files for offline mode editing. This release also includes support for proxy server use and offline-online mode that lets you edit files when not connected to a BIG-IP system (offline mode) and synchronize with a BIG-IP system when you reconnect (online mode).

In addition to supporting iRules and iRules LX script development via your own Eclipse IDE in v1, v2 adds support for the following:

  • iControl LX extension development
  • iApps LX template development
  • Offline Mode
  • BIG-IP proxy server access
  • Datagroups

The Eclipse Plugin provides modern IDE editing capabilities including syntax highlighting & validation, code completion, and code formatting for both TCL and Javascript. This enables authenticated push & pull of iRules, iControl LX, and iApps LX code files to & from BIG-IP using our iControl REST interface. This simplifies development workflows by enabling our customers to develop iRules, iControl LX, and iApps LX projects in a familiar development environment.

Download with installation instructions and documentation is now available as Open Source on F5 Devcentral GitHub.

Note: If you connect to TMM interfaces instead of the management port when using the editor, you will need to allow tcp port 7 in your self-IP configuration since the plugin checks availability on that port before connecting via SSL.

Instructional Videos


Common Tasks

Offline Mode

Data Groups

iRules LX

Note: This tool is provided via DevCentral as a free tool, and is in no way officially supported by F5 or F5 Professional Services. All support, questions, comments or otherwise for this editor should be submitted in the Q&A section of DevCentral and tagged with a custom eclipse plugin tag.

Published Jan 17, 2018
Version 1.0

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