F5 OpenStack LBaaSv1 plugin v2.0.1 released

Release Announcement
04 Feb 2016
We are pleased to announce the release of the v2.0.1 LBaaSv1 plugin for OpenStack Neutron. This release expands the list of supported OpenStack releases and changes our development approach for the "F5 OpenStack product”.  It also includes some bug fixes as well as introduces simpler installation instructions to get you up and running quickly.
Prior versions of the plugin and agent have supported multiple OpenStack releases. Moving forward, we are moving into alignment with the OpenStack community. All v1.x releases will continue to work on OpenStack Icehouse through Kilo. All v2.x releases will work only on OpenStack Liberty. Both release trains are active and will continue to receive bug fixes. Check out the F5 OpenStack Releases and Support Matrix for more details.
We welcome bug reports through our project issues page on GitHub.  You can also visit that page to see the list of known issues.
More information and downloads for this release are available on the v2.0.1 release page on GitHub.
- The F5 OpenStack Product Team 
Published Feb 04, 2016
Version 1.0

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  • Just to confirm, this wasn't announced last year, and just updated, correct? The year should be 2016?
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    Historic F5 Account
    Absolutely correct. This is a new announcement that had the wrong year, but is now correct. Thanks for pointing out the problem!