F5 OpenStack LBaaSv2 Plugin v8.0.1 released

Release Announcement
19 April 2016
We are pleased to announce the release of the v8.0.1 LBaaSv2 driver and agent for OpenStack. This release introduces F5 support for the Neutron LBaaSv2 service. Please see the documentation for installation and configuration instructions.
This release is compatible with OpenStack Liberty. 
Release Highlights

This release supports all standard deployment models, such as L2-adjacent mode, for a BIG-IP deployed outside of OpenStack, and Global Routed Mode, for a BIG-IP deployed within an OpenStack cloud.

The features supported in v8.0.1 are a subset of the Neutron LBaaSv2 API delivered in the OpenStack Liberty release. The following restrictions apply:
  • The F5 LBaaSv2 plugin driver does not yet support SSL termination.
  • Load balancer statistics will be introduced in an upcoming release.

Unsupported Features

The following features are unsupported in v8.0.1; they will be introduced in future releases.

  • vCMP (multi-tenancy)
  • F5 Agent High Availability
  • BIG-IP Device Service Clustering
We welcome bug reports through the project issues pages on GitHub.  These pages also contain a list of known issues.


- The F5 OpenStack Product Team 

Published Apr 19, 2016
Version 1.0

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