How to Get a F5 Trial or Lab License

One of the questions we get asked a lot in the DevCentral Community is, ‘How to I get a #Trial or #Lab #License?’ There are a few easy ways to test f5 services.

First, you can go to the page. There, you can select various options to meet your needs. Simply click on the Get the free trial button, enter the pertinent info and off you go.

Out in the Cloud, you can get a free, full featured 30-day trial as well as access to F5 premium support on AWS, Azure, GCP and Alibaba.

If you need a perpetual, single use Lab license to do your own testing, learning, practicing, you can purchase a Lab License for around $100 or so depending on where you go. 




Published Nov 08, 2021
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  • FYI: CDW requries a US based credit card and delivery address to complete any purchase.

  • DevCentral Community.  and  are both helpful community MVP's.

    If I had a way to tag their replies as "safe" I would do so.



  • We can offer Lab Licenses in the UK. 

    F5 have some stipulations :-

    • We can only supply to a Ltd / Plc company - not to individuals. 
    • The email address cannot be a free one - so gmail, googlemail, yahoo, outlook etc. type domains are not allowed.

    In terms of what we offer, it comes with 5yrs support on the lab license. 

    If you're interested please email us at

  • recently F5 support restructed in a new way,, Does they stop giving you trial license for gmail IDs ...

    Whether user must have corporate Ids to get their license ?

    Pls reply 

  • Hi PSilva,

    Thanks you very for your post and video on how to get an F5 trial or lab License, as I've been wanting this for a while but didn't know how to obtain it.

    I want to test, learn, and practice on F5 LTM, so this is a perfect solution for my need.



  • Hi PSilva,

    I can't purchase form either CDW or SHI, as I don't qaulified for either criteria.

    I am from Australia. 

    Can you please advise how I can purchase the BIGIP VE Lab License as per your video/post.


    Private Net