ICYMI on DevCentral - April 2022

DevCentral publishes a ton of content each month and it's easy for articles/videos/forum posts to get lost on the timeline. Here's a snapshot of the top posts and videos from April 2022, in case you missed it! 

Solved on the Technical Forum

Huge thanks to everyone who offered solutions on the Technical Forum! We love to see folks helping each other solve problems and answer questions. 

F5 Technical Articles:

If you've got suggestions for Technical Articles, drop them below in the comments. The DevCentral team can try and track down a SME to write on that topic. 

Demos and Livestreams

RomanJ explains how to use Ansible and BIG-IQ to automate steps to cleanup a BIG-IP and remove unused/expired certificates and keys: 


JRahm walks through a proof of concept for automating captures, and a road map to take that ground work and expand your capture horizons.

Jim MacLeod covers the evolution of cloud services towards distributed, and what benefits of MCN can be realized through this architecture.

See you next month!

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to the community in April. If you have any ideas or suggestions, don't hesitate to pop over and write a comment in our Suggestions box. See you out there in the community! 

Published May 03, 2022
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