Lightboard Lessons: DNS over HTTPS

DNS over HTTPS (DoH for short) is making a name for itself in the news lately. It seems like everyone except the end user is a little up in arms over the push in Chrome and Firefox to default to DoH for lookups. In this Lightboard Lesson, Jason covers what DoH is, options to configure it in BIG-IP, and some of the industry concerns over adoption.


F5 Related

  • Unbreaking the Internet. In this article, Eric Chen covers how to get around internal use of so Cloudflare DNS can still be reached, as well as BIG-IP configuration options for clients unable to support DoH.
  • Inbound DoH (and DoT) iRules Solution. This GitHub repository is a solution from Greg Robinson to handle inbound DoH requests with iRules and iRulesLX.

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Published Oct 22, 2019
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    Hi, if i work with DOH in F5 , The client need change something?

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    Hi is thee a guide or tutorial to deploy DoH on big ip link controler?

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    Well what i meant was if a big ip product like LC or others can be configured as a DoH server resolver, how can we do that?

  • no native config, yet. These are iRules/iRulesLX implementations.