Reduce Login Friction with F5 Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence


 In our digital first economy, we login to applications for just about everything.  We communicate, book our travel, pay our bills, manage our banking, and plan for retirement, all with an app.  We increasingly rely on these applications for some of the most important aspects of our lives and given the sensitive nature of the data accessed by many of them, the need for security cannot be stressed enough. 

The cornerstone of securing this digital economy is authenticating users at login.  That means each one of these apps that we interact with daily, all require a username and password.  We seem to always be logging in to one thing or another.  Think of your webmail client, how often are you prompted to login?  Now what about that shopping or banking app?  It’s most likely different, due to login session timeouts.  You might only have to login to that mail client every week yet when it comes to your bank, it’s every time.  Why can’t every consumer facing website or app provide an experience like your mail client?  What if they can?

With F5 Distributed Cloud Authentication intelligence, when identified known good users return to the website, they can be safely and automatically logged into their sessions without the manual login challenge.  This reduces login friction and helps improve the users experience, something every application and service provider should strive for.

Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence Demo

In this demo, we will show how to request the authentication intelligence service and take a look at the visibility and insights provided by the dashboards.

Demo starts at 2:07

Updated Apr 10, 2023
Version 2.0

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