Supplement To The 2021 App Protect Report

We frequently get requests to break down threats in a specific vertical. So, as a follow up to the F5 Labs, 2021 Application Protection Report (APR), we analyzed and visualized the attack chains of more than 700 data breaches looking for relationships between sectors or industries and the tactics and techniques attackers use against them.

This effort produced the F5 Labs 2021 APR Supplement: Sectors and Vectors, where we found that while there are some attack patterns that correspond with sectors, the relationships appear indirect and partial, and counterexamples abound.

The overall conclusion is that sectors can be useful for predicting an attack vector, but only in the absence of more precise information such as vulnerabilities or published exploits. This is because the types of data and vulnerabilities in the target environment, which determine an attacker’s approach, are no longer tightly correlated with the nature of the business.

Look for more details about your sector (Finance, Education, Health Care, Scientific, Retail, etc) in the F5 Labs, 2021 APR Supplement: Of Sectors and Vectors.

Published Jul 02, 2021
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