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NGINX Controller 3.0 released

Since the NGINX acquisition, F5 and NGINX have been integrating teams, listening to customers, and planning our first release as a unified company. Now, we have introduced NGINX Controller 3.0, which allows you to manage apps and services across a variety of deployment models, including multi-cloud scenarios. NGINX Controller 3.0 shifts from an infrastructure-centric to an application-centric design, improving developer productivity and accelerating time-to-market for new applications.

In this article, learn about core NGINX concepts and explore new NGINX documentation on AskF5.

Core NGINX concepts

Putting your Apps First (5 mins)

Learn how an app-centric delivery platform can increase collaboration, decrease risk, and help you move with speed.

Load Balancing in a Multi-Cloud World (4 mins)

Explore considerations for deploying your applications to multiple clouds.

Managing a Real Time API (4 mins)

Learn the benefits of a lightweight API management platform.

Simplifying the Move to Microservices (5 mins)

Learn about options to successfully deploy microservices and see our six-point checklist to help you determine if you’re ready for a service mesh.

New NGINX documentation on AskF5

As the F5 and NGINX engineering teams are releasing products together, engineers from both Support teams and AskF5 are combining forces to produce new documentation. For example, if you want to deploy your BIG-IP LTM system with HTTP load balancing to two NGINX proxies in AWS, see Quick deployment: BIG-IP LTM system with HTTP load balancing to two NGINX Plus web servers in AWS.

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Updated Feb 07, 2022
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