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Jan 25, 2024

GTM as a Forwarder to multiple ADs



I have gone through the community articles and F5 docs as well before posting this question. There are some information related to this query but I am still confused to how simply achieve this use case


I want to deploy my GTM as a forwarder for internal queries to my ADs, ADs will still handle all the resolution and return the response to client via GTM. GTM will check the health, load balance etc for client request to AD and provide availability incase any primary AD fail.


So do I need to configure anything specific on the GTM apart from SELF IPs, Listeners , Pools ( AD members ). 


and my understanding is correct regarding the traffic path

User -> GTM -> AD and AD -> GTM -> User

User will have GTM Listener as DNS server on the client machine. 


I have 2 GTM, one on Primary and other in DR

Two AD servers in primary, one in DR



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