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Nov 13, 2018

Testing network bandwidth with and without F5 connection.

I wanted to test network bandwidth using iperf tool with and without F5 connection. Without F5 is straightforward. With F5 : I added the node I wanted to test, Created a Pool with service port for iperf (5201 in my case) and the node that I added, Selected the icmp for health monitoring, Created the VIP with the same service port and selected the pool that I created for iperf. But when I tested using the VIP the client failed to connect to the server. I'm a newbie to F5. Not sure what I am missing. Please help!


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  • Hi


    Is your client hitting your VIP? You can easily find this out by looking as the stats of the VIP - zero them and then try and connect again, if the stats increment then you know you're hitting the VIP. Reading your config, it sounds like it could be a SNAT issue. Does your pool member have a default gateway this is the F5? If not, add SNAT Automap to the VIP config and try again.


    Check out the Pool stats as well - this will show you if you are getting both ingress and egress traffic to the pool member. If you are not seeing any return traffic then SNAT will most likely resolve.


  • It works now. It was an IP address configuration issue on VIP. User error. Thanks for your answers though.