Behavioral DDOS Grafana Dashboard using BIG-IP APIs

From the desk of Pavel Borovsky (March 15, 2017)

F5 L7 Behavioral DDOS feature provides with API's to monitor and debug the detection and mitigation process in real time. To provide an example on how to use the API we developed Grafana plugin that utilizes the API and shows real time data on the Dos attacks.

How to install the Dashboard on Grafana:

  1. Install Grafana 4.1
  2. Install the following panels:
    1. grafana-piechart-panel
    2. grafana-worldmap-panel
    3. mtanda-histogram-panel
  3. Install admdb plugin
    1. copy data\plugins\grafana-admdb-datasource
    2. copy public\dashboards*.json
    3. enable dashboards
  4. Configure the dashboard(see example defaults.ini attached)
    1. edit conf/defaults.ini
    2. modify these lines:
    3. [dashboards.json]
    4. enabled = true
    5. path = public/dashboards
  5. Enable admdb on big IP: tmsh modify sys db value local
  6. Add data source to Grafana using web interface as in the following screenshot:

Download the Grafana bados dahsboard here.

Published Jun 21, 2019
Version 1.0

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    Dear Chase Abbott,

    how to install admdb plugin ?

    Could you please explain Steps 7 and 8 more clearly ?!


    Thanks in advanced.


    I got a couple people to look at this and the we came up with referencing some Grafana resources at this point.


    In the .zip file attached to this page these locations are found in the Grafana_bados_dashboard directory:

    • data/plugins/Grafana-admdb-datasource/
    • public/dashboards/ (which contains 6 .json files)
    • conf/defaults.ini


    Not sure where to copy these to exactly, but the instructions for the grafana-piechart-panel (step 3) indicate the grafana default plugins directory is /var/lib/grafana/plugins. So maybe that will help with the ADMDB plugin you are looking for?


    If this helps you get the answer or if it generates more clarifying questions - post back what you find out so we can help others who might have the same issues.