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Editors note: The iRules Wiki moved to F5's CloudDocs platform in May of 2019. iRules Home (

DevCentral is all about enabling users in the community to do powerful and innovative things. Whether it’s providing answers to your technical questions in the Forums, giving you the latest up to date news about F5, or providing documentation on some of the coolest things F5 has to offer, like iRules and iControl, we do our best to keep you up to speed, and equipped to get the most out of your F5 devices.

With that in mind, we’ve been working hard to heed the call from the members of the community, partners, and the entire F5 global team for extended and enhanced documentation about iRules. Well we’re quite happy to announce the DevCentral iRules Wiki! -

This new section of DevCentral, intended to be a constant work in progress, represents the most comprehensive, advanced documentation of the iRules language available to date. Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re, there’s something there for everyone. And regardless of your skill level, the CodeShare is sure to have some cool examples of what you can do, and what others are currently doing with iRules. It’s also a place to share your cool ideas with others! Why? Well, the more people share, the more likely you’ll be able to find the perfect iRule sample when you need it most at some point in the future. By working together, the community can benefit from the collective experience contributed by all members.

Our real goal in providing this sort of documentation, though, is to provide the tools you need to truly leverage F5’s solutions in your environment. That’s what this Wiki is all about. With this addition we hope to:

  1. Offer additional resources beyond the Forums for iRule information. We love talking to you in the Forums, but sometimes you just want the facts, fast.
  2. Provide enhanced documentation in a centralized location. We want to make it easier to find more of what you want, when you want it.
  3. Increase your success with iRules by enabling you to find what you need to succeed. The better we can make you look, the happier we are…seriously.

So check it out, poke around, and let us know what you think. We’re constantly striving to make this a better place for you to come together to learn, discuss and share, whether it’s about iRules or any of the other things happening on DevCentral so feedback is always welcome.

Published Jan 30, 2006
Version 1.0

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