Multi-Stores Citrix environment BIG-IP APM


In this article we are going to discuss a use case, where we have multiple stores URIs hosted at the same Citrix StoreFront.

Following Citrix deployment guide , we end up with the below policy configurations, 

The created Form Based Single Sign-On look like the below,


Make sure to validate the strart URI and form action if any customization done at store front side.

Additional configurations

In order to adjust the configurations to match our multi-store setup, we will follow the below, 

  • As a start we will need to replicate the SSO settings to match the number of hosted stores, below example for additional two stores (StoreB, StoreC)




  • Then we create an iRule similar to the below and attach it to XML HTTPS virtual server created by the iapp.




switch -glob -- [string tolower [HTTP::uri]] {

/citrix/storea/explicitauth/login* {
WEBSSO::select Citrix_storea_sso_form_based	

/citrix/storeb/explicitauth/login* {
WEBSSO::select Citrix_storeb_sso_form_based		

/citrix/storec/explicitauth/login* {
WEBSSO::select Citrix_storec_sso_form_based






  • At the end, we remove the SSO settings under the access policy to allow our iRule to control the SSO selection.


Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop deployment guide 

Updated Jan 27, 2023
Version 2.0

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